Vacation Protection Travel Insurance

Travel insurance or travel protection is very important.

You can never predict when an accident, illness or natural disaster will interrupt your vacation or travel plans. Some people rely on the insurance offered by their credit card. This is not always the best idea. if you do you should regularly check your policy to be sure you are fully covered. These policies have restrictions that change over time and may not be valid if you are a certain age. The Cruise and Vacations Group is proudly affiliated with TIPS Travel Insurance.

If you are a frequent traveler you should consider annual medical insurance which is available from both of our insurance providers. These policies are for 15 days per trip or 30 days. Top-ups for additional days are also available.

Don’t leave home without travel insurance.


To purchase travel insurance from “Get Reliable”, TIPS click here. TIPS Travel Insurance offers many policies for people of different ages and insurance requirements. They offer excellent coverage for youths traveling with their Youth policies. These cover travelers up to 29 years of age. These inexpensive policies can be purchased as all inclusive with medical and cancellation or just medical. Another unique policy they offer is a no medical questionnaire policy for persons up to 89 years old traveling for up to 16 days.

Please note:

If you are traveling to Cuba get your insurance here. You must have travel medical before you arrive in Cuba.

All prices shown on TIPS are in Canadian Dollars.

medihoo_logoIf you need to find a health care provider or hospital while you travel you can use this link. Make it your go to source to find doctors and hospitals world wide.