Cuba Cruise 2017

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Beautiful Cuba

Twenty-first century Cuba promises to be like nowhere else you’ve ever visited. This beautiful island nation is economically poor, but culturally rich; and visibly mildewed, yet architecturallymagnificent. Here in a country of few material possessions, Cuba continues to amaze travelers from around the globe with its beaches, bays and mountains, and its worldclass rum, exuberant music and exquisite art.

The key lies in the Cubans themselves: survivors and improvisers, poets and dreamers, cynics and sages. Your Cuba is a wildly vivacious place where taxi drivers quote Hemmingway, and visitors are quickly ensnared by the intrigue, romance and paradox that is Cuba.

From white sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters to antique cars to the historic 1946Latinoamericano Stadium, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Cuba.


With 7 UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites ranging from the remains of 19th century coffee plantations to Old Havana with its interesting mix of Baroque, neoclassical monuments, and private houses with balconies, wroughtiron gates and internal courtyards, this country is immersed in history.

Walk the streets of Trinidad, a living museum of Cuban sugar production which includes the sites of 75 former cane sugar mills or explore the stone fortress of the San Pedro de la Roca Castle as it guards the Santiago de Cuba bay. There is no shortage of cultural monuments, art galleries and creative street murals to capture your imagination.


Cuba offers a variety of outdoor sports and activities for everyone to enjoy. Looking for sun, sea and sand? Cuba has more than 300 beaches where you can choose from dazzling white, to glittering gold to distinctive black toned sands. Want something a bit more adventurous? Cuba is host to an international scubadive center. The Maria la Gorda diving zone contains the most colorful and exquisite coral and marine life and an abundance of sunken pirate ship stories.

Home to 6 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and 2 UNESCO Natural Heritage Sites, eco lovers can choose from hiking along one of over 100 nature trails, horseback riding, birdwatching, and more. From deepsea sport fishing to classic golf courses to historic baseball stadiums that take you back in time, come experience Your Cuba, Your Way.

Your Cuba Cruise* ship travels clockwise around the island with itineraries starting in Havana, Cuba and Montego Bay, Jamaica – you choose. Same ship, same week, with two unique ways to start your cruise. Along the way, we stop to explore, enrich, relax and enjoy.

US citizens welcome.

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This city of 2 million people is one of the great historical cities of the New World. A throwback in time, it displays a combination of colonialism, capitalism, and Communism blended into one. Then we have the afternoon to explore this city.

We sail out of the harbour and past the magnificent colonial era forts that guard the entrance.

After boarding the vessel and checking into our cabins, we make our way to the outer deck for a welcome briefing and cocktail party with Mojitos, and Cuba Libres. Here you will meet our team of guides, lecturers, and shipboard staff, who will provide you with an overview of the week ahead and explain how things work onboard the ship.

Our meal tonight is our welcome dinner, showcasing a variety of traditional Cuban food. Cuban cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, African and Caribbean recipes, and the result is a unique and flavourful blend of several cultural influences. We have gone to great lengths to deliver an incredible onboard food experience while you travel Cuba, and tonight will be no exception. Dine with fellow passengers, before retiring to the upper deck to wave good-bye as we set sail from the port of Havana.


Santiago De Cuba

One of the most interesting and historically significant places in Cuba is Santiago de Cuba. Founded by Spanish conquistador Diego Velazquez de Cuellar in 1514, Santiago was the capital of the Spanish colony of Cuba from 1522 until 1589. Today, Santiago remains the most important urban area outside of Havana, and is home to the birth of most forms of Cuba’s long-lasting and globally renowned music. Visitors from around the world come to enjoy the music originating in Santiago.

Of more political importance, Santiago is known for being the Cradle of the Revolution. It was here, in 1953, Fidel Castro led an ill-prepared attack on Batistas Barracks at Moncada. And finally, a few years later after successfully toppling Batista and his dictatorship, Castro gave his victory speech in Parque Cespedes in Santiago.

The region is well known for many other things. There are the ruins of French coffee plantations to the east of the city in the mountains that are recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site. The famed Cuban cigar has deep-rooted tradition in Santiago, as does the production of rum. Both a cigar factory, and rum distillery can be found in Santiago.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Soak up the sun and let your troubles melt away, as you gaze across azure seas and the lush, rolling mountains surrounding Montego Bay. Well-known as the place to party, Montego Bay can be as exciting or relaxing as the activities you choose. Take in a round of golf. Enjoy fabulous duty-free shopping or browse the local crafts at open-air markets. Tour pineapple plantations, art galleries and gardens or dance to the vibrant beat of a Reggae band.



Enjoy the tranquil City of Cienfuegos and view the impressive Castillo de Jagua – a fortress built in 1745 to protect the city against invasions from the real pirates of the Caribbean. The city is rich with architectural treasures – from theatres to estate mansions.

Then, we’ll visit the colonial village of Trinidad, a World Cultural Heritage site, where the people are as warm and welcoming as the tropical sun. It’s cobblestone streets, squares and colonial buildings harken back to a time of elegance and wealth. Tour the studios and galleries of some of Cuba’s most famous artists, or shop for pottery and woodcarvings at local markets.

Maria La Gorda

Relax on the natural, sweeping, palm-fringed beach at Maria la Gorda. Considered one of Latin America’s top diving sites by divers, Maria la Gorda boasts some 32 dive sites with enviable visibility, abundant coral gardens and rich marine life.

Located on the Guanahacabibes Peninsula, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Maria la Gorda is marked by meticulous preservation, abundant flora and fauna and is a popular destination for nature lovers as well as divers.

The resort consists of a hotel, diving centre, small shop, sandy beach and 2 restaurants. There is also a volleyball pitch, hiking excursions, and beach entertainment.

Extraordinary Cruising
You will take in all the magical corners of Cuba, enjoy our time in Jamaica, all the while circumnavigating the Caribbean’s largest island on an amazing travel experience. 

This is the Cuba you were meant to see, and the one you had only dreamt of until now. 

Come join us and find “Your Cuba”. 

Extraordinary Excursions

Cuba Cruise® excursions are offered in every port and are nothing short of extraordinary. Utilizing local guides, experts, onboard naturalists and Cuba’s incredible natural diversity, we help you “Find Your Cuba”. Available excursions can be enlightening, cultural, historical and adventurous… 

The best thing is you get to decide

Examples Include:
  • Pre & Post Havana and Jamaica stays
  • Six UNESCO sites
  • National Parks
  • Birdwatching
  • Fishing
  • Diving & Snorkeling
  • Rainforest Hiking
  • Cultural/Historical tours
  • Cigar & Rum Factories
  • Sugar & Coffee Plantations
  • Music, Dancing & Nightlife
  • Cathedrals and Castles
  • Boating & Catamaran trips
  • Jungle & Mangrove tours
  • Weddings